Land Agricultural and building land - Šepšin

Basic data

Code 1504
Type Land
Region Central Serbia
Address Sastavci, Gajina Jaruga, Podolišta, Đurevac, Vrbljak
Town Šepšin
Area 25.073,00 m2
Purpose of the property Sell
Sales method Owned Real Estate

Agricultural and building land on KP 620, 861, 862, 863, 864, 895, 1025/1, 1218 KO Šepšin, total area of 25,073 m2 is located at Sastavci, Gajina Jaruga, Podolišta, Đurevac, Vrbljak in Šepšin in Mladenovac. Access to the plots in question is provided by dirt roads. The exception is the parcel number 1218 KO Šepšin, which has direct access from the asphalt road. Mali Požarevac and the connection to the E75 highway are 5 km away from the plots in question. Plots No. 861, 862, 863 and 864 KO Šepšin together form one arable plot which is used as a field.

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